Highest Paying Refer and Earn Trading App in India

Embark on an exciting journey with m.Stock’s Refer and Earn initiative, offers individuals the chance to reap rewards while advocating the benefits of online trading to friends and family. This unique program presents an opportunity to earn a referral reward of Rs. 555 by simply referring to acquaintances to open a demat trading account with m.stock by Mirae Asset.

How Refer and Earn Works?

  • Create an m.Stock Account.
  • Refer friends and family to m.Stock.
  • Upon the successful opening of a Rs. 999 Zero Brokerage account by your referral, enjoy a referral reward of Rs. 555 credited to your m.Stock account within 24 hours of account opening by the referee.

Upon opening an account, your referred person gains benefits such as zero brokerage on intraday, delivery, IPO, and currency trades. They can invest in mutual funds with no commission on direct investments and utilize m.Stock’s Margin Trading Facility (eMargin) at interest rates starting from 6.99%.

Benefits of Opening a Demat Account to the Referrer and Referee

Let’s explore the benefits associated with opening an m.Stock Demat account for both the referrer and the referee-

For the Referrer

  • The referrer stands to earn Rs. 555 each time someone they refer opens a zero-brokerage account.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals a person can receive, allowing them to refer an unlimited number of friends and loved ones to them m.Stock zero brokerage account. Thus, the rewards will keep increasing as the number of referrals grows.
  • Referral payouts will be processed within 24 hours of the referee opening their account.

For the Referred

  • The individual referred will enjoy a lifelong privilege of zero brokerage on a diverse range of products, including intraday, delivery, futures and options, currency trading, and the margin trading facility (eMargin).
  • The referred person can access margin trading facilities at interest rates starting from 6.99%.
  • The referred individual can use the advanced trading tools available in the m.Stock trading app for an enhanced trading experience.

Start Referring and Earning with m.Stock’s Initiative

In conclusion, the Refer and Earn program’s benefits offer a great proposition for investors. The initiative promotes the spirit of knowledge-sharing and fosters a community of informed and engaged investors. Simultaneously, the advantages of having a demat account significantly contribute to an enhanced financial experience, providing secure storage, efficient transactions, and a streamlined approach to managing diverse financial instruments.